"Mekong Research prepared a due diligence report as part of our analysis of an investment project we financed in Ho Chi Minh City. They delivered a very comprehensive and high-quality research report."

- Le Hoai Anh,
Head of Vietnam Country Coverage
Credit Suisse


"When clients come in search of industrial research we are pleased to recommend Mekong Research. Their detailed analysis provide clients with a breadth and depth of understanding that is second to none."

- Richard Burrage
Managing Director
CIMIGO Market Research


Through the company’s work on a wide range of industries and product categories, Mekong Research has developed a proprietary database containing over fifteen years of business and investment data, and information on over 7,500 local and foreign-invested companies in the Mekong region.

Mekong Research combines use of this database with customized field work to assist clients seeking reliable trading and investment partners in the region.

Mekong Research provides due diligence on potential partners in the region. Reports typically cover reputational risk, management background, business history, FCPA concerns, and other topics.

The service helps clients mitigate risk prior to partial or full acquisitions of local firms, direct or indirect investments, and in selection of joint venture, trading or distribution partners.


For companies requiring an agent or marketing support in exporting its products to the region, Mekong Research has local and foreign staff that identify sales leads, meet with prospective customers, and provide follow-up marketing support.

As a sales agent, Mekong Research:
  Develops a database of sales prospects
  Identifies customer product requirements and purchasing trends
  Generates purchase orders
  Informs prospects and existing customers of new products and pricing

For companies seeking qualified local manufacturers to supply product, Mekong Research provides detailed company profiles of potential suppliers.

In addition to developing an initial list of qualified suppliers, Mekong Research conducts factory checks, delivers samples and counter-samples, obtains quotations and arranges for client visits.

Company profiles of potential suppliers typically include:

  Company name
  Ownership structure (private, state-owned, joint-venture, foreign-owned)
  Key management within organization
  Number of employees
  Key product lines
  Number of factories in operation and capacity
  Number and types of machinery used
  Quality control and certifications
  Number of years in operation
  Major customers or export markets
  Existing partnerships or outsourcing contracts
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