"Mekong Research helped us to analyze new housing construction and development of the residential property markets in five key cities in Vietnam. Under a tight time schedule they delivered detailed statistics on new home construction. We were very pleased with their service."

Ho Thuy Nga
Business Development Manager
Prudential Assurance PLC

I have been working with the data you provided on the Vietnam lubricants report, and must say we are very pleased with the content and depth of the report you provided.

Bjorn Olav Hem
IHS Energy

Market research that speaks with the most knowledgeable industry sources

The markets of the Mekong region are among the fastest growing and challenging in Asia. Market conditions shift rapidly, regulations change, competitors enter and exit the market, and reliable information is hard to find.

We help companies find opportunities, increase sales, and understand customers. We do so through intensive fieldwork, meeting with sources at all stages of the value chain to uncover market insights.

There is no substitute for getting into distribution channels to speak with importers, wholesalers, retailers, customers, and prospects to understand true market dynamics.


Studies are customized for each client’s needs, but research projects often cover:

  Market size estimates and historical trends
  Demand forecasts
  Competitor analysis and market share
  Detailed import / export data
  Distribution channel optimization
  Retail audits
  Product pricing and margins through distribution channels
  Macroeconomic trends and political risk assessments
  Partner identification and due diligence



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